Best resorts to buy in Orlando

We are regularly asked which are the best resorts to buy in Orlando, from our clients who are keen to understand the market.

The answer is not, however, black or white. In order to answer the question we need to make a slight change to “Which are the best resorts to buy in Orlando for me?”  and then ask a few more questions.


  1. How do you wish to use the property?
  2. What are your expectations?
  3. How much can you afford?
  4. When are you ready to make a purchase?


Once we have answers to the above questions, we can point you in the right direction, but not before. Each answer that you provide can make a subtle yet important difference to the final answer and advice.

Which are the best resorts to buy in Orlando

How do you wish to use the property?

We deal with families and investors from all over the world and each one has their own game plan or concept of how they will use the vacation home. Families based in the U.S or Canada will typically use the property several times each year. They will then rent the property out for the rest of the year. Europeans and families from other parts of the world will use the property less and rent the home out more.

On the other hand investors will rarely, if ever use the property and it will be placed onto the short term rental market and geared to generate as much rental income as is possible.


What are your expectations of the best resorts to buy in Orlando?

Everyone we speak to has an expectation – one way or the other – about owning a vacation home near Disney. Many are looking forward to great family vacations to Orlando and the allowing rentals to cover the costs of ownership.

The Theme Park Capital of the World is also popular with serious investors. They understand that Orlando is a place which attracts millions of people and they will pay top dollar for a great place to sleep.

Many of our clients sit in between the above two examples. They use their property for a couple of weeks each year and generate +40 weeks of rental income. This not only covers expenses, but provides a great cash flow.


How much can you afford ?

The question of affordability is an important one for all involved. We do not want to show you properties which you can’t afford and prefer to keep everything balanced. Having your funds in order before you begin your search can allow you to jump on a great opportunity.

Our clients are for the most part split between cash buyers and those requiring finance. We work with a great team of mortgage professionals who specialize in vacation homes. If you would like to speak to one of our team, just let us know and we will schedule a call.


When are you ready to make a purchase?

Timing is everything when it comes to making an investment of any description and a vacation home is no different. As we mentioned above, if your finances are in order you will be able to jump on any opportunities which arise. This could be a resale home where the owner needs to sell quickly. It could be new release of a resort community where the builders incentives are, to say the least, a huge incentive!

Some clients like to spend months learning about the short term rental market and that is fine, just let us know your timeline. We are more than happy to hold your hand during your discovery phase. Other clients have been visiting for years and have a healthy insight as to how things work and what to look out for. They are normally ready to purchase within a month or so.


One final thing worth mentioning

Orlando Estate Agent James Mitchell, specializing in vacation homes near Disney

How you can make a purchase has evolved over the last decade.

Traditionally, investors would fly into Orlando for a few days or weeks in order to view homes. With modern technology, videos and ‘live walk throughs’ using FaceTime or Skype, you no longer need to book a flight. We are seeing a growing number of our clients ‘buying remotely’ without physically entering their target property.

The key to being successful in this manner is to have a great working relationship with your Realtor. They know exactly which property will not only meet your criteria but surpass it. You have a strong working relationship with them, they are on the same page as you and ultimately you trust them.

All of the paperwork can be done remotely via DocuSign, email, fax and even in hard copy using FedEx or similar couriers. Even the Closing can be done this way. Investors love this concept as it means they are not wasting time jumping on planes and arranging accommodation.





Which are the best resorts to buy in Orlando?

The best resorts to buy in Orlando

So ultimately the best resorts to buy are the ones which meet your needs, budget and expectations. For over 30 years we have been making sure that the Best resorts to buy in Orlando are ones which work for our clients.


Perhaps that explains why so many of our clients purchase multiple properties. 


Investing in a vacation home in Orlando is only part of the journey for our clients. When you work with us you gain access to our team and network of professionals. We can take care of everything for you, from furnishing your property to sorting out your taxes. And, everything else in between; management, bookings, advertising, cleaning etc.

Anyone can buy a property, but it takes a team to make a successful vacation home which generates rental income.

We are here to assist you and will point you in the direction of which are the best resorts to buy in Orlando for you and your circumstances.

If you would like to learn more why not check out our FAQ page and start learning about the Short Term Rental market.


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