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The Orlando Lifestyle is whatever you want it to be. There is plenty to do for everyone in all budgets. A place where you can live on constant vacation or enjoy the simpler the things in life.

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I have been living here for over 30 years and have been a Realtor for most of that time. In between helping families from around the world to buy a vacation homes and relocate, my wife and I have also raised 2 great kids in this fantastic city.

I have seen the area grow from Orlando and its suburbs into the number 1 vacation destination in the world. Orlando spans 4 counties in the heart of Central Florida. In 2013 Florida welcomed 94.7 million visitors and of those almost 56%,  53 million visited Orlando. Of those 53 million over 22% chose to stay in a vacation home. It’s no wonder that the vacation home market is such a busy sector. Each year millions of tourist families looking for a home to rent.

In 2015 over 65 million people visited Orlando, 68 million visited in 2016 and more than 72 million in 2017. The numbers keep on growing. In 2018 more than 75 million visitors came to Orlando. If you are interested in purchasing a vacation home near Disney which can deliver a solid rental income, you have come to the right place.

Orlando is world famous as a vacation destination but it is also great city to live and work. It is home to burgeoning medical, aerospace, IT and pharmaceutical industries. Many wealthy industrialists, sports people and ‘A-listers ‘have made their home in Orlando, Central Florida.  There are more arriving each year, especially from  overseas.

There are many reasons why families choose to live and spend their vacations in Orlando. This blog will give you an insight into some of these. Enjoy!

Enjoying the Orlando lifestyle Daily Life in Orlando

One of the things many visitors to Orlando do not realize is that life does not only revolve around theme parks and shopping malls.

Each and every day residents are out doing their thing. Going to work, attending school, taking in an event or playing sports. Orlando probably offers more things to do than any other city in the world so there is no excuse for getting bored.

There are several areas around the city where you can stroll down the street, do a little shopping in a chic boutique, visit museums and art galleries before enjoying a lite lunch at one of the family owned bistros.

 Living Outdoors

In some parts of the world, living outdoors is only something you can dream of. Having the freedom to be outside with the sun on your back virtually every day of the year. Here in Orlando, this is what we do.

You may see a few people in business suits but for the most part we enjoy being able to dress more casually, making the most of our stunning climate. Shorts, skirts and polo’s are the unofficial uniforms for most residents. It is this casual lifestyle which makes living in Orlando so appealing. Of course there are many places where you can get dressed up if you really have the need. On the whole we have a relaxed attitude where everyone seems to get on and most people have a smile on their face.

Lifestyle is a key element of choosing to live in Orlando and is home to literally thousands of sporting possibilities for all levels; you can enjoy a round of golf on one of our Championship golf courses, spend a couple of hours at a Tennis Academy, go boating, water-skiing, hot air ballooning or enjoy a BBQ with friends by the pool.

Even the wealthy are out and about enjoying life, unlike in many areas of the world, such as Brazil, Venezuela and China where they are locked away in Ivory Towers and only venture outdoors in armor plated cars with a bodyguard. In fact safety is one of the reasons so many South Americans are moving to Orlando. Here they can enjoy their wealth without having to continuously look over their shoulders. For those with families that represents a massive reason to move here.

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