A modern Orlando

Creating a modern Orlando faces similar challenges to many successful business. Being able to adapt is key to staying on top. Orlando has been a major player for almost 50 years and each year it seeks to improve it’s offerings and attractions. Huge infrastructure investments are currently underway and the Orlando Metro has spread it’s wings to incorporate many more industries outside of tourism. This is why the area is scheduled to more than double it’s population in the next decade or so. How many other cities in the world can say that?

Here is a quick a update of how the theme parks manage to keep Orlando as the Number 1 family destination in the world.


The following are just some of the recently completed and ongoing theme park projects…

  • Toy Story Land is scheduled to open in June 2018
  • Star Wars Land is targeted to open it’s doors at Hollywood Studios towards the end 2019
  • TRON Lightcycle Power Run could become the new cornerstone attraction at Tomorrowland in time for Disney World’s 50th anniversary in 2021


WDW has already stated that they intend to fill ALL 30,000 rooms to capacity for ALL of 2021 during it’s 50th Anniversary. That will be right around the 25 million guests amount and should leave well over double that amount of guests looking to rent a vacation home, which is great news for owners.


Big names like Pininfarina and Jimmy Buffett are putting their names on the Orlando map, by building upscale projects which will have prices to match. The face of tourism in Orlando is definitely going upmarket in key areas and this will introduce a new crowd to the Orlando market. As if we aren’t busy enough as it is!


Although the official tourist statistics for Orlando’s 2017 year are not out, we are expecting it to be at around the 71 million marker. This would be an increase of around 3 million visitors from the year previous.

The yearly increase in visitors to Orlando means that demand for accommodation is kept at a premium. Above that families are demanding better quality properties with modern amenities. This is why the big hotels are continuously revamping and why we see a change over from older communities to new communities by families taking vacations in Orlando.

The older communities are still doing well, but the newer communities are getting premium prices and higher occupancy levels. As a future owner of a vacation home in Orlando, it makes sense to buy the most modern property in a community with lots of amenities if your budget allows.

Take a look at the latest vacation home resort communities here.


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