Canadians in Orlando

This last week, I have been in Toronto meeting up with a wide range of investors looking to enter the market and make purchases in Orlando. The people have been diverse, as have their requirements. The common denominator which stood out was the desire to improve on their Return on Investment (ROI).

As many of you will know, Toronto has implemented a 15% surcharge on real estate purchases for ‘foreign investors’. In Orlando there are no supplementary charges/penalties, and given the low price points and high rental demand we can offer exciting and lucrative investment opportunities which can be leveraged/financed with just 25% down payment.

Why the big change from high-rise city condos in Toronto to spacious pool homes in Orlando you may ask?

Well the simple answer is that vacation homes in Orlando are outperforming traditional buy to let investments by a huge margin. What would you prefer +10% Net in Orlando or 5% Gross in Toronto? 

This is why we are seeing so a many Canadians in Orlando right now!

Our prices are considerably lower, mortgages are available with just 25% down, without penalties for early payment and build times are a matter of months as against several years. The benefits are numerous and that is why we are assisting so many Canadians in purchasing vacation homes in Orlando which will generate a healthy return and allow the owners to enjoy themselves.

If you are looking to make a purchase and see an excellent ROI, contact us and we will set up and appointment with our partners in Toronto.


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