Summertime News in Orlando

The latest summertime news in Orlando is that in the next few days Universal are scheduled to make a major statement. It revolves around a large tract of land which Universal purchased a while ago. Speculation is that this will be the announcement of a brand new theme park in Orlando.

Rumours are pointing towards the new theme park in Orlando being called Fantastic Worlds and will be the home  to rides by to Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, and Yoshi. This will be Universal’s largest theme park to date!

UPDATE!! The theme park is officially call EPIC UNIVERSE

It has evidently been inspired by the Fantastic Beasts films; DreamWorks Animated franchises such as How To Train Your Dragon; and the Classic Universal Monsters like Dracula and Frankenstein. In true Orlando fashion a theme park is not a theme park destination unless it has hotels, dining and entertainment options. We are expecting plenty of them all.

So far there has been no opening date or even major details but that will change on August 1st.

As you all know, Orlando the is the Number 1, family vacation destination in the world. With improved infrastructure, an expanded airport and now a new theme park there is even more reason to visit Orlando. We envisage Orlando to continue to be the most important family destination in the world as tourist numbers head toward 100 million per annum.

All of this expansion is great for the tourism business but it has other benefits. Workers are required, local businesses grow and prices increase. For investors this latest summertime news in Orlando is exactly what they are wanting to read.


Summer in Orlando

Summer in Orlando used to mean big crowds, busy restaurants, theme parks and crowded malls. Nowadays it seems as though every day is summer in Orlando. As mentioned previously, Orlando welcomed over 75 million visitors in 2018. That means we are busy year round. Really busy!

In just a few weeks the brand new Star Wars park will open. Expectations are that it will make the Harry Potter opening look like it was a practice run. The fans of Star Wars have waited for a VERY long time to experience a dedicated theme park and Disney expects it to break all previous records.

Even if you are not a Star Wars fan, this is huge news for vacation home owners. The already heavy demand for quality rental properties is going to get much stronger. All of these Star Wars fans are going to need a place to stay and renting a vacation home is the ideal way to travel in a group. This keep costs down when compared to staying in hotels for guests and also means owners can benefit. Increased prices, higher occupancy and a steady stream of willing renters.


Disney Resort Community Updates

Solara at Westside is already well into selling phase 2 – the final phase

Windsor at Westside is running a couple of months behind Solara.

Solterra Resort has recently seen builders take down more lots in an effort to keep up with demand for this popular community.

Bellavida Resort is now selling phase 2 and phase 3. Some waterfront lots area available

The Retreat at Championsgate is quickly running out of vacation homes to sell and there is no more space for further development.

Encore at Reunion are on their final phase.

Storey Lake has a handful of options available

Hidden Forest is a new neighborhood of vacation townhomes. A guaranteed rental is being offered for those who want it


Sonoma Resort, Rosemont Woods and Crofton Springs are all sold out


COMING SOON – We have a new community of vacation homes with private pools launching in the next few weeks.


Our Summer in Orlando resort update

New vacation homes will now start at around $400,000 for single family pool homes and demand is huge. As far as we know there are no new resort communities currently being planned. This means that you will need to move quickly.

We have a handful of townhome options available within the larger resort communities. If you prefer something a little quieter, then we have a new release opening in September.


Resale Vacation Homes

Along with the selection of new homes, we can offer a range of excellent resale properties. When clients wish to reorganize their portfolios, they give us a call to list their units. We run a comparison of market availability and recent sold prices so that they get the best possible price.

In fact just last week we received an email from a client who purchased with us a few years ago. The family is now looking to sell their current vacation home in order to buy a new larger vacation home. This vacation home already has a 76% occupancy rate (as of mid July) for 2019. Bookings are already in place for 2020 AND 2021.


Opportunities are only opportunities when you take advantage of them.

If your finances are in place – we can always put you in contact with our mortgage team – and you are ready to become a vacation home owner in Orlando, give us a call or drop us an email. Simply tell us what you want and how you wish to use the property. We will find you something which works for you!



TEL: 407-383-1051

A modern Orlando

Creating a modern Orlando faces similar challenges to many successful business. Being able to adapt is key to staying on top. Orlando has been a major player for almost 50 years and each year it seeks to improve it’s offerings and attractions. Huge infrastructure investments are currently underway and the Orlando Metro has spread it’s wings to incorporate many more industries outside of tourism. This is why the area is scheduled to more than double it’s population in the next decade or so. How many other cities in the world can say that?

Here is a quick a update of how the theme parks manage to keep Orlando as the Number 1 family destination in the world.


The following are just some of the recently completed and ongoing theme park projects…

  • Toy Story Land is scheduled to open in June 2018
  • Star Wars Land is targeted to open it’s doors at Hollywood Studios towards the end 2019
  • TRON Lightcycle Power Run could become the new cornerstone attraction at Tomorrowland in time for Disney World’s 50th anniversary in 2021


WDW has already stated that they intend to fill ALL 30,000 rooms to capacity for ALL of 2021 during it’s 50th Anniversary. That will be right around the 25 million guests amount and should leave well over double that amount of guests looking to rent a vacation home, which is great news for owners.


Big names like Pininfarina and Jimmy Buffett are putting their names on the Orlando map, by building upscale projects which will have prices to match. The face of tourism in Orlando is definitely going upmarket in key areas and this will introduce a new crowd to the Orlando market. As if we aren’t busy enough as it is!


Although the official tourist statistics for Orlando’s 2017 year are not out, we are expecting it to be at around the 71 million marker. This would be an increase of around 3 million visitors from the year previous.

The yearly increase in visitors to Orlando means that demand for accommodation is kept at a premium. Above that families are demanding better quality properties with modern amenities. This is why the big hotels are continuously revamping and why we see a change over from older communities to new communities by families taking vacations in Orlando.

The older communities are still doing well, but the newer communities are getting premium prices and higher occupancy levels. As a future owner of a vacation home in Orlando, it makes sense to buy the most modern property in a community with lots of amenities if your budget allows.

Take a look at the latest vacation home resort communities here.


Orlando Resale Opportunities

As we have mentioned before people sell their vacation homes in Orlando for one of 3 main reasons.

  1. They are not getting the bookings

2. They are trading up or down

3. They have a change of personal situation and no longer want or need the property.


Orlando Resale Opportunities

One of our clients is in category 3 and having enjoyed their home and associated rental income for several years they are now selling their vacation home. And it really has it all!

Orlando vacation home for saleConservation Privacy View

40 weeks a year in bookings.

5 bedroom villa with a large downstairs master and the exact master upstairs. Fantastic, 2 master suites.

It also has a loft area and a games room

We built this home for the seller and you know if its one of our homes that it is immaculate. Take a look at the pictures of this property. WOW, know you know why everyone wants to stay here. This is a great location and a great community.

Orlando vacation home for sale

Priced at $369,990 fully furnished and with lots of bookings in place this vacation home in Calabria is a great deal

For more photos and information, view this property on our rental site.

For more information about buying this home email us and mention Calabria resale opportunity in the title

Privacy lots and vacation homes

Privacy lots – Are they worth it? Privacy is something which we all try an enjoy. It is something we all would like to have and in today’s world having the money seems to be about the only way to achieve this without living in the middle of nowhere off a dirt track.

Privacy lots in very simple terms are lots which are not overlooked by the neighbors. They could be on the waterfront, facing preserves or even on a golf course.  Privacy  lots are typically the most in demand lots after waterfront lots.

Privacy lots and vacation homes continue this trend as highly sought after pieces of real estate. The owners will get to enjoy a degree of privacy when they are using the property. They will be able to advertise their rental property as being private and not overlooked, which can mean that they will be able to charge a little more per week than the neighbor who has a back to back property where you can see your neighbors splashing around in their pool and vice versa.

Is the added cost of privacy lots really worth it?

This will depend on how you intend to personally use the property. You need to acknowledge whether or not you can justify a few thousand more dollars. Should you be planning to use the property as a pure investment property, then perhaps it will make more financial sense to buy the cheaper property. As you can see, we cannot answer this question for you.

Over the last 3o something years we have realized that waterfront lots and privacy lots always seem to be sold first. The property could be brand new or it could be a resale, these lots will carry a premium of sorts. It could be a higher sales price or it could simply be that the property sells quicker.


As a future owner, you need to base your decision making on three primary criteria:

  • How much money are you willing or able to spend?
  • How do you intend to use the property?
  • Which property represents the best value for money, based on the other two criteria?


Orlando privacy lots and waterfront lots for saleBuy a waterfront or privacy lot

Currently we have access to a limited number of waterfront AND privacy lots on a brand new community very close to Disney which has been designed specifically for the rental vacation home market and comes with a huge array of excellent amenities and facilities.

These sophisticated new vacation pool homes range from $400,000 through to $550,000.

If you are ready to buy a new vacation home in Orlando and fancy a waterfront / privacy lot in a great community, you need to CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY while we still have availability.

James Mitchell

N.B/ Remember that as a buyer our services cost you nothing, as we are paid by the seller/developer

Waterfront vacation homes

Waterfront vacation homes have always been in demand and Orlando is no different. What could be better than relaxing in your pool whilst enjoying the perfect sunset over the lake?

Just this week we have closed on this lovely waterfront home which will be on the short term rental market within a matter of weeks.






Also over the weekend another British family decided that it was time for their very own fairytale as they purchased the following model

Orlando waterfront vacation homes

which will be constructed on this lot.

Orlando waterfront vacation homes

Just imagine starting and ending your day here!

You may ask how so many of our clients manage to buy waterfront vacation homes in Orlando and the answer is easy. When you have been in the business as long as I have, the developers know who to reach out to when these lots become available.

Guess what, they come to me first because I am in the privileged position of  always having clients, many of whom are referrals or happy owners purchasing a second or third property.

If you are seriously considering the purchase of a new vacation home in Orlando, you are more than welcome to get in contact with us. We will work harder than anyone else to find you your very own fairytale castle in the sun.

James Mitchell

N.B/ Remember that as a buyer our services cost you nothing, as we are paid by the seller/developer


Orlando vacation home news

Orlando vacation home news.

Season is definitely upon us, as can be seen by the amount of closings currently going on. Just this last week, we have closed on three new build vacation homes.

We also closed on a resale home which we built five years ago, as the owner is upgrading to a larger vacation home. On top of all of that we wrote a contract for another of our vacation home owners who is now buying a residential property with us in Orlando.

As you can see, things are pretty hectic for us here in Orlando which is exactly how we like it. Each year we get to assist more and more national and overseas buyers in purchasing vacation homes in the Disney area. Each new property represents a new ‘Happy ever after’ chapter for both the new owners and ourselves.

Over the last 30 years or so we have helped many hundreds of families in buying vacation homes in the Disney area and all of these years later we still get a big smile on our faces when we deliver a great property which not only meet the given criteria but also hold the potential to outperform on the rental market.

We genuinely believe that being great at what we do, does not stop at selling a property, it means being around years later for our owners, so that they always have someone to call and assist. There are very few companies which have been around as long as we have and we intend to be around for a long time into the future.

If our kind of service is what you are looking for, then get in contact with us and allow us to assist in writing your very own ‘Happy ever after’ story in Orlando.


Minutes from Disney

How many minutes from Disney? This is an often heard question by both prospective buyers and family renters but when put into perspective does it really matter? Most families have traveled hundreds of miles and many have traveled thousands of miles just to get to Orlando. So what gives with the final few minutes?

It seems like a legacy question from decades ago when there was only the Disney theme park, yet as new parks were opened and continue to do so, the question is still asked on a very regular basis. Nowadays, there are close to 20 major theme park attractions in the Greater Orlando area and there is absolutely no way you can be minutes from all of them … or can you?

Minutes are much like miles and kilometers in that how they are perceived is very different across different cultures. A Brit who ‘nips to the corner shop’ may walk a few hundred yards in a couple of minutes, whilst a Canadian may travel by car 30-40 miles or more in an hour. Yet when everyone arrives in Orlando we still talk in minutes.

The Golden Triangle which includes Four Corners is, and to a degree still is, the primary choice for both vacation homeowners and renters as it offers excellent access to ALL OF THE THEME PARKS within a reasonable time-frame. Vacation homes within this area also offer excellent access to international shopping and world class dining, two things which are becoming equally as important to some nationalities as the theme parks themselves.

To try and put things into perspective being 5 minutes from Disney is great, as it also means that you are either 8 minutes or 13 minutes from Epcot, depending on which side of Disney you are on. You could be 5 minutes from Legoland and 30 minutes to Disney but also further from the best shopping and dining options. You could be 2 minutes from Restaurant Row in Dr Phillips, 13 minutes from Wet n’ Wild, 26 minutes from Animal Kingdom and over an hour from Legoland. How many minutes from Disney is quite simply the wrong question nowadays.

A better question would be “which location is most central as we plan to visit locations A, B, C and D?”

Let’s face it, everyone rents a car when they come to Orlando, so the key to finding the right vacation home to buy or rent ultimately comes down to the property itself, the community amenities and ultimately the price. With 66 million visitors to Orlando in 2015, pretty much anything will get rented out one way or another for a portion of the year.

Minutes to Disney

As a potential buyer who plans to rent out your property, what you need to know is which vacation homes in which communities are going to deliver the best bang for their buck and deliver the highest possible rental incomes based on how you wish to use the property.

Having sold vacation homes in the Disney catchment area for over 30 years, we have an enormous amount of insight as to what works and what doesn’t work as well.

If you are seriously interested in purchasing a vacation home in Orlando, allow us to assist you in finding the property which is right for you and your family. Just drop us a line and we will be in touch and perhaps you will become one of our many success stories.

Email us

Orlando :: +1 407 383 1051
Europe :: +34 647 952 268

MargaritaVillage Orlando

MargaritaVillage Resort in Orlando

MargaritaVillage Orlando

Parrotheads will be coming home to roost as of next year as MargaritaVillage gets launched with the first properties expected to be completed by the beginning of 2017.


New homes at MargaritaVillage will range from the $300,000’s through to around $2 million


Update: Margaritavillage is now officially called Margaritaville Resort Orlando


The Jimmy Buffett brand of wealthy beach bums, kicking back with a beer or a chilled margarita may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but then not everyone has been to a Jimmy Buffett concert. The Parrotheads and Parakeets which make up the crowd range from bank managers to CEO’s, Yale and Harvard graduates, dentists, lawyers, shop keepers, carpenters, plumbers, sailors and their kids (the parakeets). All have one thing in common and that is having a good time, enjoying a drink, listening to, – let me correct that, singing along to – and wearing REALLY colorful Hawaiian shirts, shorts, flip-flops and strangely, hats. Not just normal hats, but shark fins, cheeseburgers and parrot feathers.
A Jimmy Buffett concert encompasses a heartfelt yearning for a simpler life, one where everyone gets along regardless of who or what you are. Even the less ardent supporters come out of concerts wondering why they have a cheesy smile on their face and why on earth are they wearing one of those silly hats.

Not your typical introduction to a new resort community in Orlando, but as a lover of Hawaiian shirts, shorts, flip flops and laid back music …


Parrotheads at MargaritaVillage Resort in Orlando


“OK I admit it, I am a parrothead! Happy now?” –


Consider this

MargaritaVillage is located 5 miles from Animal Kingdom, 8 miles from Disney and Epcot. You can wear the kids out during the daytime and when they are tired you can put some Buffett in their heads and convert them into ‘keets’ by morning.
The fantasy which Jimmy Buffet brings to his concerts can be lived out on daily basis for owners and visitors at MargaritaVillage. It is this fantasy which we feel will attract a continuous stream of visitors looking to rent the MargaritaVillage lifestyle for a week or two and make this one of the resorts with the highest occupancy rates in the Disney area.

Ok, I agree that MargaritaVillage is not going to be for everyone, but give it a chance and perhaps you will be converted! Outside of the U.S. Jimmy Buffett is pretty much an unknown phenomenon, but one which is easy to enjoy appreciate for first timers.

The tropical backdrops of MargaritaVillage, the calypso vibes, island style, easy going nature and, if previous ventures are anything to go by, excellent value for money on offer will be more than enough to entice several hundred new parrothead owners to set up nest at MargaritaVillage in Orlando.


On a more serious note

MargaritaVillage has the potential to dominate the new vacation resort arena in Orlando, as it merges the extraordinary Jimmy Buffett brand of island escapism fantasy for grownups with the extremely well regarded and experienced developers of Encore Development.

MargaritaVillage will include a 12 acre water park on the 305 acre resort which will become home to 500-600 vacation homes plus residential condos, a 175 room hotel plus timeshare units. An arcade, a fishing school, paddle boarding and kayaking, a central 3 acre freshwater lake, a Planetarium and a Spa, a wedding pavilion plus 170,000 sq.ft of retail space are all elements which will be integrated into the MargaritaVillage concept.

Put all of this next door to a dozen or more world class theme parks, in a city which attracts over 62 million visitors each year, add the enormously dedicated fan base of parrotheads (over 75% of the U.S population is aware of the Margaritaville brand) and we believe that Margaritaville Village holds the potential to be huge.

MargaritaVillage overview so far will include:

Margarita Village Kissimmee Orlando

Click image to view larger

  • A 12 acre water park on the 305 acre resort
  • 500-600 vacation homes
  • 400 condos
  • A 175 room hotel
  • Plus timeshare units
  • An arcade
  • A fishing school
  • Paddle boarding and kayaking
  • 3 acre freshwater lake
  • A Planetarium
  • A Spa
  • A Wedding pavilion
  • 170,000 sq.ft of retail space


Early Bird Opportunity

If you would like to be one of the first ‘Nest Owners’ at MargaritaVillage Resort simply email me at [email protected]