Minutes from Disney

How many minutes from Disney? This is an often heard question by both prospective buyers and family renters but when put into perspective does it really matter? Most families have traveled hundreds of miles and many have traveled thousands of miles just to get to Orlando. So what gives with the final few minutes?

It seems like a legacy question from decades ago when there was only the Disney theme park, yet as new parks were opened and continue to do so, the question is still asked on a very regular basis. Nowadays, there are close to 20 major theme park attractions in the Greater Orlando area and there is absolutely no way you can be minutes from all of them … or can you?

Minutes are much like miles and kilometers in that how they are perceived is very different across different cultures. A Brit who ‘nips to the corner shop’ may walk a few hundred yards in a couple of minutes, whilst a Canadian may travel by car 30-40 miles or more in an hour. Yet when everyone arrives in Orlando we still talk in minutes.

The Golden Triangle which includes Four Corners is, and to a degree still is, the primary choice for both vacation homeowners and renters as it offers excellent access to ALL OF THE THEME PARKS within a reasonable time-frame. Vacation homes within this area also offer excellent access to international shopping and world class dining, two things which are becoming equally as important to some nationalities as the theme parks themselves.

To try and put things into perspective being 5 minutes from Disney is great, as it also means that you are either 8 minutes or 13 minutes from Epcot, depending on which side of Disney you are on. You could be 5 minutes from Legoland and 30 minutes to Disney but also further from the best shopping and dining options. You could be 2 minutes from Restaurant Row in Dr Phillips, 13 minutes from Wet n’ Wild, 26 minutes from Animal Kingdom and over an hour from Legoland. How many minutes from Disney is quite simply the wrong question nowadays.

A better question would be “which location is most central as we plan to visit locations A, B, C and D?”

Let’s face it, everyone rents a car when they come to Orlando, so the key to finding the right vacation home to buy or rent ultimately comes down to the property itself, the community amenities and ultimately the price. With 66 million visitors to Orlando in 2015, pretty much anything will get rented out one way or another for a portion of the year.

Minutes to Disney

As a potential buyer who plans to rent out your property, what you need to know is which vacation homes in which communities are going to deliver the best bang for their buck and deliver the highest possible rental incomes based on how you wish to use the property.

Having sold vacation homes in the Disney catchment area for over 30 years, we have an enormous amount of insight as to what works and what doesn’t work as well.

If you are seriously interested in purchasing a vacation home in Orlando, allow us to assist you in finding the property which is right for you and your family. Just drop us a line and we will be in touch and perhaps you will become one of our many success stories.

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