Orlando 2017 Recap

2017 has been an interesting and very busy year for me and the team. We have seen LOTS of announcements about how much new investment there is in the Orlando area. The airport, Highway 192 and more theme parks  costing Billions of dollars, which is great. If the city is growing, locals are working and new business is coming to town, that is fantastic news for the entire area.

We have been absolutely flooded with new enquiries from people from all around the world. Literally every continent has delivered families (Antarctica excluded so far, but we have another 10 days left) and investors looking to purchase a new home in the Orlando area.

As most of you know we work with all of the national, local and international builders who have projects in construction in the Orlando Metro area. What has surprised us a little is the sheer volume of new communities being constructed.

In our opinion this is great news as the volume of families moving to Orlando is huge and even though there are thousands of new homes being constructed, it seems like they are selling as fast as the builders can construct them.

We have now expanded our market from predominantly vacation homes and second homes to now include far more local residential real estate, relocating families and retirees.


People move here for many reasons. The climate and the low taxes are predominant reasons, but there are many more important aspects to living in Orlando.

We have same great schools, we are becoming a major industrial and fabrication center, the huge airport expansion at MCO will soon be welcoming an expected 100 million people a year. Only 5 years ago that was the total amount of visitors to the entire state of Florida.

In recent months Pininfarina – the designers behind Ferrari – have joined forces with Magic Development to regenerate Highway 192 and construct a series of new condos, commercial and entertainment projects in conjunction with the county. Just this month Universal purchased another swathe of land in order to build more theme parks.

Just going back to tourism, this holiday season, everything is booked out including the cars. We are just about to hit peak season and the city is going to be jumping. That’s great news for visiting families and even better news for owners of vacation homes who are right now charging top dollar for their properties.


If you are in town over the next week or so, drop me a line if you are in the mood to purchase the best present ever for you and the family. I have a couple of excellent opportunities available which will save you thousands.


So on that note let me and the team wish you a wonderful holiday season and New Year.




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