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As I have mentioned previously, Orlando Business is not just about tourism, it is home to a great deal of industry, manufacturing and tech plus it is becoming a center for entrepreneurs and investors.

Among Orlando’s most important industry sectors outside of tourism are high technology which represents over 100 companies, aviation and aerospace, film and television production, over 500 life sciences and biotechnology companies, warehousing, distribution  and over 2,200 manufacturing companies.

Here is an overview of the top paying occupations in Orlando from ‘Bizjournals

Orlando Business

There’s a reason that Orlando is consistently named among the hottest markets in the nation for business and job growth. Here are some great reasons companies to locate here:

Top location for Entrepreneurs

Orlando has always boasted  a long history of entrepreneurial activity and is mostly recognised for Walt Disney. Unique resources such as the National Entrepreneur Center – one of only two centers in the nation – and the University of Central Florida Business Incubation Program which is ranked as one of the top incubators in the nation assist in keeping Orlando Business among top locations in the U.S. for innovative companies and entrepreneurs.

BENEFIT: The Orlando Business region’s support for entrepreneurs does not stop with start-up companies. Orlando is home to GrowFL, the state of Florida’s pioneering “economic gardening” program, which is focused on identifying and nurturing high-potential, mid-sized businesses in the second-stage of development.

Tech Industry Hub

Orlando boasts a high-tech ecosystem which has been gathering pace since being established in the 1960s. Today Orlando is home to a strong technology industry consisting of more than 5,000 companies and employing more than 70,000 people. Top sectors of the Tech Industry  include film and digital media; modeling, simulation and training; optics and photonics; aviation/aerospace and defense; advanced technologies and information technology. With the UCF College of Medicine and the region’s brand new  “medical city,” in Lake Nona Orlando is now gaining a reputation as a thriving center for the life science and biotechnology industries.

BENEFIT: This established technology sector immediately benefits growing or relocating companies to the area by giving them access to a mature high-tech infrastructure which has been in place for decades. This includes immediate access to a tech-savvy workforce, renowned university research and development, unique partnership opportunities and a wide variety of organizations and facilities dedicated to helping technology-driven companies flourish.

Innovation Economy

From training systems which help to keep our military overseas out of harm’s way, to medical advances in the treatment of diabetes, to software driving financial institutions worldwide … Orlando lives up to its reputation as a place that is putting imagination to work.

Groundbreaking research at the University of Central Florida has earned the institution its Top 10 ranking on IEEE’s Patent Scorecard, which ranks technology innovations gained from patents. This culture of innovation continues through the region’s modeling, simulation and training companies that perform research for the Department of Defense and into the life sciences industry at places like the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute. In addition, the region is helping to prepare the future workforce through initiatives like STEM programs in schools and workforce training through the Florida High Tech Corridor Council’s “tech path” program; and through magnet schools that offer advanced technology-based curriculums beginning at area middle and high schools.

BENEFIT: Today’s global economy is driven by innovation.  Orlando could not be prouder to have recently been called “most wired,” “most connected,” “fiercely competitive” and “a mecca for geeks.” The Orlando region provides the right mindset, along with the virtual and real world connections, that are ideal for businesses to capitalize on new ideas and new opportunities.

Access and Infrastructure

The Orlando Metropolitan region of Central Florida is home to three international airports, including Orlando International Airport, which is the third-largest origin and destination airport in the U.S.; it boasts proximity to two deep water ports and extensive road and rail systems that connect the nation’s fourth most populous state to the rest of the country. The SunRail commuter network will shortly be operational from outlying areas of Central Florida to Orange County. All this connectivity is invaluable for business.

BENEFIT: From exporting products to meeting with clients throughout the world, Orlando offers businesses the efficiency and access required to grow. With over 57 million visitors each year, Orlando understands the art of getting people and products in and out.

Partnership Philosophy

The Orlando Business world is a vibrant and very welcoming community. Many new arrivals  to Orlando are surprised at how quickly they become “plugged in” to the local community. Business leaders and elected officials have time and again proven their willingness to work together for the greater good of the entire region, whether the shared goal be commuter rail, a College of Medicine or a Performing Arts Center. There is even a regional approach to economic development, as the Orlando EDC serves Orange, Seminole, Lake and Osceola counties and the City of Orlando.

BENEFIT: Companies that thrive on collaboration and synergy– through other business leaders, academia or local governments – find no better place to do so than here in Orlando.

Variety of Real Estate

Orlando offers a diverse array of commercial and industrial real estate options including ultra-modern high rises in downtown Orlando to undeveloped acreage in Lake and Osceola counties and everything in between. Orlando’s inventory includes in excess of 177 million square feet of industrial space and more than 102 million square feet of office space. Unlike many other established business centers, Orlando can still has the capacity to accommodate far more commercial based real estate due to a variety of  land parcels which are still able to be developed.

BENEFIT: Concerns about company expansion restrictions are moot in Orlando due to the sheer volume and diversity of commercial and industrial real estate. Businesses in Orlando can easily grow or relocate locally without the need to ‘re-invent the wheel’. The amount of available space and current acquisition and associated costs are extremely competitive with other regions around the country – making Orlando an affordable and attractive business location.

Great Neighborhoods

Rolling hills, lakeside lots, golf course communities and a downtown which boasts $billions in new residential development – Orlando offers a variety of lifestyle options which meet everyone’s needs.  “The City Beautiful” – Orlando’s namesake city is known for its brick-lined streets, green space and eclectic housing options. Farther west and south are Lake and Osceola counties, which still offer ample room for expansion and are committed to preserving their respective environments. North in Seminole County you can discover thriving suburban areas which offer beautiful communities including two of Money magazine’s top 100 places to live – Lake Mary and Oviedo.

BENEFIT: With over 4,000 square miles, the Orlando region offers a variety of lifestyle options and neighborhoods to choose from – whether you seek a sophisticated urban high-rise condominium or an executive home in a relaxing countryside retreat.

2nd Largest University in the U.S.

The University of Central Florida is the second-largest university in the United States with over 59,000 students. The university is home to one of the nation’s top Tech Incubators and receives more than $122 million in annual research dollars, many of which are matched with company dollars in joint research projects. In total Orlando boasts more than 35 post-secondary institutions including Rollins College – ranked #1 regional university in the south and #1 MBA program in the state; three of the state’s best in the growing state college system – Valencia College (named the nation’s top community college), Lake-Sumter State College (voted national learning center of the year), and Seminole State College (named #1 college system in Florida – RN Graduate Licensures); as well as Full Sail University, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, the Florida A&M University School of Law, Barry University School of Law, and the first stateside campus of the Puerto Rican based Ana G. Mendez University.

BENEFIT: Orlando’s strong high educational standards provide companies with a steady flow of trained employees and access to a variety of research and development opportunities. From technical to doctoral levels, the many post-secondary institutions provide educational programs in a wide variety of fields. Companies which require employees with specialized skill-sets also can be confident in the community’s long history of partnership between academia and business.

The Livability Factor

A fantastic climate with year-round sunshine makes for the perfect location for outdoor recreation. Add the close proximity to beaches, lakes, springs, parks, trails, and fields; world-class entertainment, distinctive neighborhoods and world-class shopping. The region’s amenities – natural and “man-made” – make Orlando a great place to work and to live.

BENEFIT: Companies of all types and sizes find that Central Florida’s unparalleled “livability” enhances employee recruitment and retention.

Young and Educated Workforce

The Orlando region’s population diversity is head and shoulders above the rest of the nation. Two-thirds of residents are under the age of 44, and almost a third have a college degree. People from all backgrounds and walks of life call Orlando home.

BENEFIT: The diversity of Orlando’s workforce  nurtures innovative thinking and offers companies a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. No matter what level of skill is needed, Orlando’s labor pool is well prepared. The region is home to the kind of well rounded and highly-skilled employees that companies need to help their business thrive. Employers have access to state-sponsored workforce training ‘grant programs’ which allow them to keep their talent on the cutting-edge in their respective fields.  

The prosperity of Orlando Business

As Orlando’s Business sectors expand, they need to employ skilled technicians who demand higher salaries. The current boom in these growing sectors will be the driving force for many areas in Orlando and Central Florida. Well paid workers demand bigger and better homes, in select and often discrete neighborhoods. Ease of access to good schools, stores, hospitals and infrastructure could see a changing face to Orlando which just a decade ago was unimaginable.

Higher salaries also mean more spending power. Expensive cars, quality restaurants, more upscale shopping and luxury items will all generate huge tax dollars for the region, which if invested wisely will nurture continued growth.


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