Investing in Orlando

Investing in Orlando is not for everyone but it should be. The people who are investing in Orlando understand the difference between traditional long term rentals and short term rentals. The annual expenditure of a short term rental is typically higher than a traditional one, but so is the rental income.


A rental income of $1,500 per week instead of $1,500 per month, far outweighs the higher running costs.


Over the years we have assisted many investors be very successful and met others who have not fared so well. Getting the correct advice when you purchase a property is critical. If you buy wrong, it will cost you in the long run.


Investing in Orlando vacation homes


Increasing amounts of our clients are now considering the ‘big picture’. The overall benefits of owning a property in Orlando, the most popular family destination on the planet. The reality is that if you become an owner of a vacation home in Orlando, you and your family can enjoy your investment with you. You receive a great return on your money and use it at the same time.


A Quick Comparison of your Savings

As Stock Markets are extremely volatile, going up or down depending on the headline of the day, we will compare investing in Orlando to your savings accounts.


Savings accounts

If you placed $400,000 into a savings account in the US you should get an average return of 0.06% per annum. That is $2,400.

If you placed £400,000 into a savings account in the UK you should get an average return of 0.25% per annum. That is £1,000.


Investing in Orlando Property

If you placed $400,000 in cash into a quality new vacation home you could see a net rental return of 10% per annum + equity growth. That is $40,000+.

If you placed $120,000 down in cash (30% down) into a quality new vacation home priced at $400,000 and took a mortgage of 5% over 30 years (approx: $2,170 p/m including taxes and insurance) the numbers look even better.


Investing in Orlando is rarely just about a financial return

The majority of our clients over the last 30 something years have purchased their second home in Orlando from the perspective of an ‘Investment in Life’.

They have invested in Orlando real estate and benefited in multiple ways.

  • Investing in OrlandoThose who placed their properties on the Short Term Rental market have seen upwards of 40 weeks rental income each year.
  • Prices of vacation homes in Orlando have increased steadily in recent years.
  • Their families have enjoyed numerous vacations in their home from home.


Investing in Orlando is rarely about just the financial return.

Most purchasers get a great deal of personal enjoyment from their properties. The kids and grandchildren get to visit the theme parks. Your wife and her girlfriends have enjoyed a few weeks away. And don’t forget the long weekends away golfing with the boys.


Some things simply, cannot be quantified.


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We are not licensed to give you investment advice. Always speak to your CPA or Accountant for financial advice.

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