Orlando Furniture Packs

Furniture packs are an ideal solution for many out of state and international owners who need to furnish their Florida property. If you plan to rent your property you need it to look at its best to entice tenants.


Florida Interior Design and Home DecorMany properties are neither furnished well enough to entice prospective tenants, nor sustain wear and tear for long periods of time. The inventories of these properties are far from complete and yet owners are being charged exorbitant amounts and being promised unrealistic rental amounts. These properties tend to take much longer to rent out, thus hindering the potential rental income for owners.

Orlando furniture packs can remove the headache and provide a great solution. Our furniture company in Orlando specializes in furnishing short term rental vacation homes and condos. These properties are located in short term rental zones, typically with 20-30 minutes from Disney. The company has an excellent understanding of which styles are required for investment properties and second homes which will be rented out.


When you buy a property for yourself you usually have furnishings from you old property to take with you. This is a continuation of your previous lifestyle, but have you ever furnished a new property from scratch?

This can be a nightmare of endless days and sometimes weeks searching for suitable furniture and accessories. Then there is the arguing with your partner about what goes with what . “Do you think this matches that?” etc.  No matter what you think, your personal preferences will always appear in the finished product.


!! When clients rent a property they also rent a lifestyle !!


The main objective of a rental property in Florida is to provide a sound, decent return on investment. To achieve this, the property needs to sell itself by appearing desirable to a prospective tenant. Thus the appearance commands a large amount of consideration.

Another very important consideration, whilst securing the correct type of tenant; is the time taken to rent the property out. The longer it takes to rent the property, the less the annual rental income achieved.

You want your property to stand out in the crowd and wow your visitors.


Why getting the furniture right is so IMPORTANT!

Florida garden and Terrace FurnitureAs the owner of an investment property or a vacation home in Orlando, your principle objective is to obtain the highest occupancy level that is possible and receive a solid return on your investment.

Many inexperienced owners having spent hundreds of thousands on a great new property then make the decision to furnish for as little as possible. We cannot stress enough that this is a FALSE ECONOMY.

By buying cheap furniture you relinquish any form of quality and it will often fail or even fall to pieces within a few months of rental use. Equally important is the fact that the property will not look as good as your competitors home and this can have an immediate effect on your occupancy rate and your income.

Quality property management companies will frequently refuse to to take on properties that do not meet minimum furnishing standards as they may have to move clients around and putting a tenant into a property that is not suitably furnished will make them look bad.

If in doubt speak to your property management company.

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