Orlando Occupancy Rates

How are the Orlando occupancy rates for vacation homes?

This is one of the first questions asked by clients looking to invest in a vacation home in Orlando and one which has several answers.

It all depends on how you are going to use the property. If you plan to enjoy your vacation home during every possible school holiday then you are going to miss out. These are prime rental periods when demand for quality rentals is high.

Should you decide to only use the property during ‘non-peak weeks’ then you can benefit by getting the best possible rental prices.


Rental Income and Orlando Occupancy Rates

The gross rental income before taxes and expenses depends on not only how you use your property but also the location and property type. A vacation home will typically be able to charge a higher rental amount than a town home or a condo. The onsite amenities within the community plus the driving time to the theme parks can also have an effect on your income.

An oversized, high end property in a luxury resort community may return a much higher rental price on a daily or weekly basis. Owning a vacation home with up to 15 bedrooms may appeal to families who intend to use the property several times throughout the year. They will be able to place it on the rental market and generate a rental income.


Many of our current owners  are achieving over 40 weeks occupancy each year depending on how they personally utilize the property.


We expect vacation homes to achieve an absolute minimum of 36 weeks occupancy each year. That is, if priced correctly AND the owners only used the property out of the peak weeks. You should market the property in your home country and treat it as a business. This is especially important if you need a rental income to assist with mortgage payments.


But what about family and friends who you do not wish to charge the full market price?

By giving family and friends a discount on the rent or even waiving it altogether, it creates a huge impact on your yearly income. Keep this in mind when you make the decision to buy a vacation home in Orlando.

We work with a selection of management companies, not just one. This is due to the the large geographical locations of the short term rental zones. Wherever you find a vacation home that is right for you, we will be able to recommend a management company. They will be more than capable of taking care of your property when you are away.


Having sold vacation homes in Orlando for more than 35 years we know that every owner and property is different. Because of this we prefer not to try and second guess things which we cannot control. We suggest that you make plans for the worst case financial scenario. This means having to pay for the vacation home and its running costs with your own money. Then hope for the best on the rental returns. This way you will never be disappointed!

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