Remote Viewings

Remote viewings of vacation homes near Disney have become the new norm for many investors. With work commitments piled up and the limited ability to fly, many people are opting to view remotely. This can save you a great deal of time and probably a few dollars as well.

How do Remote Viewings Work?

First of all we get to know you a little better and discover what you are looking for.

We need to understand how you wish to use the property and what your expectations are.

With a confirmed budget in mind we then search for properties which can meet your criteria.

If you require finance we will arrange for you to speak with one of our mortgage team.

With a shortlist in hand we do remote viewings – virtual tours – via Facetime, Skype or WhattsApp and walk through the shortlisted properties and the communities.

Once you have decided on the right property we will submit an offer and write up the purchase contract. Using ‘Docusign’ (Electronic Signature) we write the purchase contract.

We arrange an independent property inspection to provide an assessment of the property’s condition.

We liaise with the seller/developer and the title company and assist in making sure that all of
your paperwork gets to the right people at the right time.

Your funds will need to be sent in plenty of time for the closing. This is especially important for overseas buyers as bank to bank transfers can take several days.

Mail away closings – the closing documents are ‘Fedexed’ to you to sign and you will ‘Fedex’ them right back.

Our team of furnishing experts will completely set up your property for your first guests. They will work alongside the management and booking teams to get you paying guests right from the get go.


This is  – in every sense – a turnkey investment procedure which allows investors to purchase a Disney property in the easiest possible manner.


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Our team can assist you in finding the perfect vacation home which will not only make your vacation dreams come true it will also allow you to rent out your new vacation home when you are not using it.


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