Rental Bookings

Rental bookings in Orlando are the life blood of rental income for owners.  The good news is that a professional management company will take care of this for you. Regardless of how good your property manager is, you should also be doing some networking yourself. You can generate several extra weeks of occupancy through friends and family. If you have the time to run your own website, then you can probably do even better.

With this in mind, you need to liaise with your property manager on a regular basis, so that you do not double book your property by mistake.

Whether the property manager gets the bookings or you do, you will need to pay taxes on the rental income.

Here is a little background on why some properties get more rental bookings than others do.

First of all, the owners use professional property mangers. A very close second is to do with the quality of the furnishings and how the property looks.

Imagine looking for a vacation rental for yourself. You will compare the look of the property as well as the price. If two properties are the same price but one looks considerably better than the other, you know which you will book.

This rule of thumb is easy to forget when buying the furniture but you need to consider this. If you save $5,000 on the furnishings but you lose 10 weeks of rental bookings each year, did you really save any money?

Rental bookings in Orlando

In 2016, Orlando welcomed over 68 million visitors. This is huge news for vacation home owners because this kind of volume almost guarantees rental bookings.



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